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Brendovi - Etol

YIMOR d.o.o. Domaljevac

S. Radića 22, 76233 Domaljevac, BiH
Telefon: ++ 387 (0)31 791-047
Telefax: ++ 387 (0)31 792-016
Web: www.yimor.ba
E-mail: info@yimor.ba


ETOL Group is one of the leading European manufacturers of flavours and food ingredients. In our early period, we manufactured essential oils, which were the only way of adding aroma to foodstuffs. We then gradually expanded our programme to include fruit and flavour concentrates based on all the varieties of continental fruits to natural extracts of aromatic plants.

All this enabled us to come to know nature, and today our manufacturing programme comprises a very broad spectrum of natural ingredients.It is exactly this breadth of knowledge and almost a century of experience which enable our view on the complex challenges of the food industry and extraordinary creativity when creating new products.

In light of future global economic and social challenges, we will continue to nurture and increase our numerous competitive advantages and opportunities, to exceed the expectations of our business partners.





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