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YimoR - about us

YIMOR d.o.o. Domaljevac

S. Radića 22, 76233 Domaljevac, BiH
Telefon: ++ 387 (0)31 791-047
Telefax: ++ 387 (0)31 792-016

''YimoR'' d.o.o. Domaljevac is Oršolić family firm. It has been established in 1988 and it is one of the first private wholesales' firms in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has been registrated for performing productional, commercial and catering-trade activities.

From 1988 to 1992, apart from developed wholesale this firm also had 33 retail objects in area of Bosanski Šamac, Modriča, Orašje and Odžak, with 33 employees in total. At that stage it possessed place for roasting coffee and was prepairing the opening of bakery and soft drinks factory.

YimoR d.o.o. - O nama
YimoR d.o.o. - O nama
YimoR d.o.o. - O nama
YimoR d.o.o. - O nama

During the war, from 1992 to 1995, entire property of YimoR was ruined, robbed and devastated. In 1994, before the Deyton peace agreement was signed, this firm renovated its work, wholesale was established, first retail objects were opened, refrigerated warehouses were installed. Yimor built the head office and intensively hired new employees.

At the moment it possesses the wholesale and 19 retal objects like stores, markets, and supermarkets. Yimor commercial-business centre have about 8200 square metres. It hires 154 employees in total.

Interesting about YimoR

The firm founders are three brothers: Y-JOSIP I-ILJO M-MATO OR-ORŠOLIĆ = YimoR
Their first business partners were: BOSNAPRODUKT Gradačac, AGROPLOD Resen, LASTA Čapljina, SAPONIJA Osijek, SLOBODA Osijek i METEOR Đakovo

During the year 2006, on their own property in center of Domaljevac, drinking water was discovered during the geological survey which from chemical, physical and bacterial aspect meets the standards from the rulebook of hygiene and health quality for drinking water which is approved by authorized Federal institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Further analyses have proved that this water has mineral and thermal properties, also its boring-whole is located on rich finding place and it is potential for commercialisation.

YimoR d.o.o. Domaljevac